Experienced, professional media and communications specialist with global experience specialising in business comms, PR, digital and traditional copywriting; media training and profile interviews

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Belinda is one of the top PR and content producers I've worked with. She has that perfect mix of journalist execution skills combined with commercial acumen and client facing skills. A grown-up, Belinda always delivers. Creative, sharp, buttoned down - she's a true pro.

Director at FirstWord
formerly Senior Partner Ogilvy PR

Belinda has embraced everything that we have thrown at her in her time working for Calibre Financial Technology. Her attitude, professionalism, skills, and expertise have been invaluable to our organisation as she is able to distill complex financial services information into understandable and relatable communication pieces (not a simple task at all). Belinda's professional and "can-do" attitude has been on show as she has dived into an industry that she had little experience with and transformed our entire suite of communications to enable our business to grow and thrive


Managing Director at Calibre Financial Technology

Belinda helped me to write, design and build a website for my new Executive recruitment business. I've known Belinda for a few years and she is smart, insightful and flexible in her approach to her work. She was very good at taking some of my ideas and bringing them to life and also using her wealth of experience to advise and make recommendations along the way. I'd highly recommend Belinda, she was great to work with and she can draw from deep experience and track record.


Managing Director at NEO Talent





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