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Experienced, professional media and communications specialist with global experience specialising in business communications, PR, digital and traditional copywriting; media training and profile interviews

With an honours degree in psychology, I have been working in the communications and media field for over 20 years. My interest in behavioural psychology led me to a career focused around what people want.


My roles in the media have included work as an editor, features writer, online content writer and strategist and travel journalist. I have also worked as a public relations director specialising in luxury hotels, as a publicist, copywriter and marketing & communications consultant - basically, if there is a story to tell, I'm telling it!



My own story started in Perth, Western Australia. The daughter of an Egyptian artist and art therapist and British/Australian teacher and counsellor it was little wonder that I would soon wish to explore other cultures and countries.


After discovering a passion for investigation, analysis and communication as a criminal intelligence analyst for the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, I arrived in London ready to explore the region and extend my interests. It wasn't long before I discovered journalism as a great way to enhance and utilise my skills and I worked for some of the top magazines and newspapers in the country.


All the while I continued exploring the world, as a travel journalist, travel PR and, of course, an adventurer.


Family brought me back to Australia after 17 years in Europe and the start of new challenges and new directions in Sydney.



I'm the founder of online lifestyle magazine Belle About Town, which has a strong emphasis on high-end consumer as well as developing a number of other business streams.


I like to stay on top of international trends, cross-cultural differences and experiences while maintaining an audience experience focus.


I take a 360-degree approach to gain an insight into businesses and translate that to ensure strong brand identity.


I employ my transferable skills of research, analysis, effective communication for the audience and strategic planning (as well as a sprinkle of creativity and storytelling) to create a process to translate your needs to an end product or outcome.

In my time off I'm an active member of the NSW Rural Fire Service as a firefighter.

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