Belinda is a terrific publicist with an indepth, insider knowledge of the UK media. She is well connected, a pleasure to work with and generated terrific results. I'd very happily recommend her work.

  former Head of Consumer, Hotwire PR

Belinda is a talented writer and editor who has great ideas, enthusiasm and an eye for detail. I've worked with her at Express Newspapers and she has also written for Open Magazine and in both situations she has remained consistently hard-working and committed, delivering excellent results.


Editor-in-chief Reclaim Magazine

I met Belinda some years ago at a major event in London. Since then I have seen her become one of the most incisive journalists I know. Her website Belle About Town is mandatory for my clients, even some of the men who really need to better understand women and our world. Some people drown you in information and hype, Belinda draws you in and gently informs! It's a welcome relief.


Strategic Executive Coach and Mentor

The best Publicist EVER....she knows EVERYONE!


 CHRO Social Entrepeneurship

Belinda's approach is professional and smart. The role needed a professional who could make things happen and be attractive to a great many influential people within all industries with enormous influence on the hotel's success. Belinda ensured that behind the scenes everything worked like clockwork. She established good working relationships with all the departments in order for a seamless PR guest journey.  I personally enjoyed learning more about PR thanks to working with Belinda. She is a great mentor in her line of work. I hope we get to work together again.


Senior Asset Manager at TDIC formerly Front of House Manager, The Grove Hotel

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